Code of Conduct and Professional Practice

About the ACT Code

The Code of Conduct and Professional Practice states the ideals and morals required of all the members and proposes provision on how these ideals and morals are to be upheld.
Membership will involve application, which implies total agreement and commitment to all the conducts set by ACT. This also means total agreement and commitment to any form of changes, adjustments, modifications, additions and/or alterations in the future.

Every Member of ACT is fully expected to strictly abide by the conduct as follows:

  1. Deliver exceptional service to every client who calls on you for professional service.
  2. Engage yourself in a principled and refined manner where it relates to prospective clients, professional associates and the general public members of the ACT community and the profession in general.
  3. Contribute to the growth of your profession by sharing relevant information, research and experiences that may help in fostering the overall growth and the needed expansion of the practice.
  4. All dealings with clients will adhere strictly to the ACT principles. This means the recommendations of specific client-based approaches and management.
  5. Agree and deliver that your priority is the interest and satisfaction of your client.
  6. Practice your therapy with wholeheartedness and fairness to your clients, in order for the client to prosper.
  7. Carry out your practice with high levels of integrity and professionalism.
  8. Furnish clients with the following information: disclosure, informed consent professionalism and integrity with training, practitioner-client limitations/expectations, scope of practice, and payment structure.
  9. Provide the highest quality of service in order to meet up to the clients best interests.
  10. Agree to be enthusiastic in the pursuance of self-improvements, professional skills and standard improvements whenever possible. This includes reading (Journals, books, articles, etc), attending conferences, classes and workshops.
  11. Accept to build a strong, robust professional portfolio.
  12. Offer services within your scope and/or limitation(s).
  13. Admit to your limitations whenever the need arises and provide relevant references to much more suitable registered professional.
  14. Accept never to carry out diagnosis and/or prescription of any service which requires only licensed professionals to do unless you have been licensed to do so.
  15. Agree to maintain strict practitioner-client confidentiality and on no account release such information without the express written consent of the client except when compelled to do so as required by law.
  16. Agree to offer goodwill and support to fellow colleagues in the profession by never engaging in acts of criticisms, either in public or in private, before any lay persons, clients or fellow professionals.
  17. Agree to respect and uphold the rights of other health care service professionals and readily offer whatever assistance that they may require to carry out their role in the overall benefit of the client(s).
  18. Accept to carry out advertising of professional services with high levels of professionalism, integrity and mannerism, well within the boundaries of good taste and ethics, and only limited to skills and services such as one has been adequately trained to offer.
  19. Agree to promote a healthy and clean hygeine within and without the place of practice.
  20. Agree to provide a suitable environment for clients that respects their privacy.
  21. Maintain comprehensive records on every client using the S. O. A. P model and to keep such records for a minimum of at least 7 years after their last visit.
  22. Maintain and store any all records whether paper or electronic within the laws of your federal, state or provincial governement.
  23. Agree to always have on a dress code that depicts professionalism and suitability.
  24. Agree to keep adequate insurance at all times and that the insurance complies with the federal, state or provincial laws in regards to the minimum amount required by law.
  25. Agree that if you are in default in any part of this code at any time you will surrender and relinquish your membership certificate to the Alliance and dissociate from the Alliance by removing any references to the Alliance from your letterhead, website or any form of media, advertising or press material.