Self Help Tips to Combat work related stress

Stress at work is normal. Even your dream jobs will have stressful deadlines and performance expectations. For some people, stress works as a motivator while for others, stress can be quite overwhelming. You may continually worry about a project, feel that you’re being unfairly treated by a supervisor, or knowingly accept a lot more than you can handle hoping for a promotion. You shouldn’t put your job ahead of everything else as it can affect your health as well as personal relationships as you get compounded with work-related stress.

Self-help tips to relieve work-related stress
Here are some of the proven CBT self-help tips that will help you relieve workplace stress:

  • Identify your sensors
    • You should identify sensors like
    • What is making you so stressed?
    • What can help change it?
  • Is it within your control?
    • Even if there is a little bit you can do to solve such situations, you should consider making these small changes as the way you handle things and do things differently can be all the difference you need.
    • Do things differently
  • Try something different to what you do normally.
    • Make time for yourself every day and indulge in fun activities that relax you and give you enjoyment. Giving yourself time for such activities will give you a sense of achievement and also help you reconnect with the sense of closeness and enjoyment.
  • Think differently
    • Anytime you feel stressed out, you should stop… pause… take a breath… and then take the decisions. Never react automatically.